is an information tool that makes you really powerful!

It's like an easy-to-use, cloud-based, project management application.

If something needs to be done, create a task.

Your homepage will show all of your open tasks.

The recipient marks the task as finished when they've done it.

Projects can be created which are composed of multiple tasks.

Projects that are going to be done again can be saved as processes, capturing knowledge and saving re-inventing the wheel.

Projects and tasks can be made recurring, and the tasks automatically put in peoples' workflows.

Metrics are automatically, effortlessly created about what's been done and who's doing what - how much is actually getting accomplished.

Organizations define their mission statement and key metrics - what's most important - and projects and tasks can be associated with key metrics. is a state engine. The package is delivered or not, the filing is filed or not, the shelve is stocked or not, etc.

Tasks can be made public so that anyone can do them - crowdsourcing magically get more done.

You and the people you do things with magically get more done with better communication and less stress.

"People do what is measured."

Mess around with this: you'll love what you discover! 🙂